“I Want to Get Away” Your Ultimate Weekend Getaway Guide

What makes us say “I want to get away

The responsibilities of daily life can really take a hold on us. Maybe you are fed up with work, maybe you are just tired and want to take a break, or maybe you love your job but feel like escaping to the countryside for a bit. Whatever the reason, people often times feel that they want to “get away” from daily societal constraints. The good news is that this is exactly what the weekend is for—take advantage of it!

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Why Weekend Getaways Are the Best

A Weekend Getaway Can Reduce Stress

The great thing about weekend getaways is that they are feasibly possible and do not require you to take days off from your work. A weekend getaway planned well could really be a weekend to remember, and can offer you some fantastic benefits. Research has shown that a weekend getaway is able to boost your mental and emotional health while reducing your stress levels tremendously. In fact, a weekend getaway is often times more valuable than a longer vacation.

The other reason why a weekend getaway reduces stress, is because during your short trip, you will not have the number of accumulated emails that you would have during the duration of a longer trip. The anticipation of accumulated emails in your inbox can really spoil a vacation for you. Through a weekend getaway, you know that you will only be away from the office from a short period of time, which means that there is less that you will have to anticipate and worry about upon your return.

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