The Ultimate Travel Bucket List

Walk through the enchanting hall of mirrors in Versailles, climb the base of Mount Everest, dazzle yourself with the glorious white marble of the Taj Mahal. The list goes on and on, and with almost 300 countries globally, the world is your oyster. Read our ultimate travel bucket list to learn about 20 of the most amazing world attractions that planet earth has to offer.

1. Explore the Taj Mahal

This glistening white marble structure is known to be a tribute to one of the most extraordinary love stories of all time, and is one of the world’s greatest architectural treasures. Following the death of his most beloved wife, Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan decided to build the enchanting burial tomb during the 17th century as a token of his love and praise for her. The Taj Mahal, located in India’s city of Agra, took an entirety of 22 years to build; from 1632 to 1653. Explore the tomb’s beautiful interior Islamic art, and take a walk through the vast gardens surrounding it. A visit to the Taj Mahal will leave you feeling like you just visited a magical palace. It is no surprise that this magnificent attraction is one of the Seven Wonders of the world. Take a look at these beautiful vacation rentals located near Agra, and rest assured that you will be staying in one of India’s most precious cities.

2. Witness the Sparkling Eiffel Tower

There is no feeling like the one you get witnessing the sparkling Eiffel Tower after sundown.

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