30 Best Travel Apps For Your Next Vacation

There was a time when travel meant disembarking off a plane or bus and figuring out where the nearest hotel was and hoping for the best. The logistics of travel were a nightmare – albeit also usually more of an unpredictable adventure. Then came Expedia and other similar online travel agents that have now given way to travel apps and a travel revolution began.

Planning a vacation or business trip has become easier than ever as people rely on their smartphones to make flight and accommodation bookings within minutes. However, a study on the effect of mobile applications to tourism shows that the apps are effective but need improvement in areas like offline capability and easy to use interfaces.

While there’s a lot of room for improvement, let’s dig into the best of what’s out there today – 30 essential apps for the modern, digital traveler.

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30 Must-Have Travel Apps For A Vacation

Best Apps for Travel Planning

1. Google Trips

Best for activity planning

Google trips has a massive data library that provides users with a wealth of information about their destination. It continually and automatically updates users on current, nearby activities in their location.

The app is also very well organized in displaying information, making it easy to access activity details. For example, it’ll automatically pull up any reservation and confirmation details from the Gmail account of the user and display them for the traveler to see. Google Trips is essential for offline travel.

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