The Best Romantic Getaways: 8 Destinations in the US

Feel like you need to escape with your loved one? There is nothing better than romantic getaways. Every couple deserves to escape to their own space of paradise. Here at A Greater Town we provide you with the best romantic getaways in ten of the hottest destinations within the United States, including Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin, Texas, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, and California. What that destination will include is really up to your preferences. Every state will have a different beauty to offer, and for that reason, we have compiled a list with a variety of romantic getaways for your trip.

Romantic Getaways in Ohio

Carroll County

Looking for a tranquil romantic getaway in Ohio? Escape to Carroll County, which lies upon the ancient Great Trail, known for connecting the forks of Ohio, with the inland plains and Lake Erie. Stay in a cottage and get to enjoy the beautiful springtime and summertime scenery that this peaceful haven has to offer.


Looking for something a little more posh? Cincinnati city in Ohio is guaranteed to give you that sense of posh and peace that you are looking for. Stay at a high end penthouse apartment in the middle of this beautiful city, encompassed with 19th century architecture all around. Check out our variety of vacation rentals in Cincinnati here.

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